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Flat Sawing- Cutting a flat surface is called flat sawing, and we use several different types of saws to do this. Such as our turbo charged 72 hp diesel saws,  which we use to cut through streets and parking lots up to 24" in depth.  Also  when cutting inside an enclosed area harmful fumes become an issue so we have equipped our fleet with electric power saws which can take care of any trenching needs you may have.   

Core Drilling- Drilling precise round holes through any hard materials including but not limited to concrete, asphalt or marble. We have many bits in stock, anywhere between 1/2" through 48" diameter bits. These cored holes can be drilled to any angle or depth. We enjoy the challenge of even the most difficult jobs. 

Wall Sawing- Using a wall saw we can cut concrete, brick or block on a wall, ceiling or hard to reach place. Our wall saw units are ran with either hydraulic or electric power so there is no worry for harmful fumes. We have many different types of wall sawing equipment including: remote controlled wall mounted units, hand held saws, chain saws and ring saws. These units enable us to also saw flush with any surface and prevent over cuts on an opening. Some blades we have in stock are up to 54" in diameter, which can saw a 24" thick wall. Please call with any type of wall sawing needs..

Demolition-  Concrete demolition is what we enjoy most.. We have skid steers, breakers and dump trucks to remove any unwanted concrete, asphalt or brick materials. Give us a call for your demolition projects so we can tell you how we can expedite your needs and get the job done in a clean and professional manner.

Epoxy- Concrete, over time, loses its structural integrity.That is when epoxy injection comes in. We will drill and inject the epoxy into the concrete which will strengthen and prolong the use of the structure.

Environmental Safe Clean-up- All of our trucks are equipped with wet vacuum units, which are used to clean up any slurry that is left behind from cutting concrete or asphalt surfaces. We also stock our trucks with plastic which is used to protect any area that cannot get damaged by the slurry residue. For big road way projects or store projects we can bring in our vacuum slurry truck which is used entirely for clean up.